After traveling for 18 amazing years of rock and roll in Grammy nominated, international touring band, Fireflight, Dawn Michele, found herself on an unexpected path. So many years on stage in churches and christian clubs night after night had left her feeling burnt-out on Sunday mornings. When it was time to worship she was longing only for intimacy, authenticity, and to be as far from the spotlight as possible.

She found it a bit terrifying and challenging when God made it clear He had other plans in mind. God brought Dawn directly into the path of growth He was forging for the local, loving, and expansive church family at Sagebrush Church, Albuquerque NM. Soon it became clear that it was His intention for her to take an active part in their mission to spread God’s love to all.

The first few days Dawn felt like a fish out of water, walking around the offices at the church. “After seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly while visiting so many churches over the years with a Fireflight, I used to pray that no one in my family would ever be on staff at a church, subject to the church politics so many suffer from” Dawn admitted sheepishly, “ But instantly,” she explained, “I could tell that God was renewing my own spirit within me and using the beauty of this church’s heart to reach the lost and support the bride of Christ. It was an honor to be able to become a small part of the lives of the women of worship there. Working together with them to try to help set their voices and their worship free from the fears and discouragement that had hindered them was one of the best experiences of my life."

Sunday mornings celebrating in worship were eye opening as well. “Suddenly, I witnessed first hand how few people were able to let go of the baggage they walked in the door with and become surrendered in worship. A new passion was stirred within me to reach out to help people find new ways to re-connect and plug-in to the incredible healing and life-altering power that the absolute truth of genuine worship has upon the life and faith of a believer. There’s nothing more powerful or more trans-formative then when we finally drop all of our distractions and unbelief and join the rest of creation in giving our utmost to Glorify God,” exclaimed Dawn. This passion ignited the flame within her to start the journey of recording and releasing her new worship album, “Surrender.”

With this album Dawn hopes to be able to pierce the thick skin that so many of us have had to build up to protect our hearts and minds against fear and disappointment. “This armor that keeps out the bad,” explains Dawn, “also dulls our sensitivity to the calling of the Spirit to become vulnerable to God and reach out to Him in worship without fear. Glorifying God is not only our highest calling, but worship calls out truth to our own souls with-in us, setting us free from the chains that bind our own emotions, thoughts, and choices.”